How to Vape for Beginners: 7 Cool Vape Tips

How to Vape for Beginners: 7 Cool Vape Tips

Although considered to be a relatively new phenomenon, vaping is here to stay for the long-term. As an alternative to cigarettes, individuals may employ the use of a vaporizer to simulate smoking in a less harmful way. This is done via the inhalation of vapor through an e-cigarette, using flavored nicotine liquid known as e-juice.

Vaping is a very personalized exercise, and users who are just starting out need to know the basics of how to vape. This comes down to knowing the intricateness of the device itself, as well as the actual inhaling process. As with most things in life, practice makes perfect. Don’t overcomplicate things in the beginning, and you’ll be a master at how to vape in no time.

What many may not realize is that there are multiple, incorrect ways to use the device. The fault doesn’t reside in the vaporizer; there simply needs to be an alteration to the method used.

If you are a vapor, or are looking to get into it, here are seven cool vape tips that teach you how to vape:

Tip #1: Don’t overcomplicate vaping

When relative beginners learn to vape, you may try to find the most intricate vapor for your needs. The simple solution here? Don’t. There is no need to find a vaporizer that is complex in user experience. Get your hands on one that is easy to use.

There are many vaporizers that come with advanced features, such as varying wattages and modifications. Try to avoid these special characteristics for now; your best bet is to get familiar with the device first. Once this is done, you can properly practice vaping without complication.

Tip #2: Get a vape starter kit

Instruction manuals may sometimes not be enough when trying to figure out the vaping process. This is where purchasing an e-cig and vape starter kit may prove to be fruitful. These kits provide all the tools necessary to ensure that the subsequent vaping process is easy to master.

The items found in the kit, generally speaking, can include things such as refillable cartridges. Some other kits may be more comprehensive, including items such as various mods and replacement coils. Included diagrams, indicating how to conduct the vaping process, will further assist you in familiarizing yourself with the overall process!

Tip #3: Using e-liquid to vape

In order to vape, you must have e-cigarette liquid available, most commonly known as e-liquid or e-juice. They come in varying levels of nicotine and flavor, so you’ll have plenty of options akin to your overall preference. For example, in regards to nicotine, higher levels may come packaged in smaller bottles, with the reverse being true for lower levels.

When you are attempting to decide which may be right for your circumstances, it may initially be a bit difficult. That is why customer service representatives at local vape shops will help you with your every inquiry. Don’t go overboard with nicotine if your tolerance doesn’t allow for it!

Tip #4: Take the primer puff

In regards to the aforementioned coils, these components are also one of the more crucial parts in learning how to vape. A heated coil, during vaping, allows the e-liquid to effectively vaporize. To ensure that you are doing it correctly, users will do a primer puff first.

This is an initial spark that facilitates a vaping session, and is important when trying to kickstart the vaping practice. Users are encouraged to take a two or three second slow inhalation after holding down the device’s button. This will make sure that the ensuing evaporation occurs correctly.

Tip #5: Consider the length of the drag

In order for you to learn how to vape, you’ll have to know how long of a hit to take. Since the e-liquid takes a bit of time to vaporize, a slower, longer drag will work best. Not giving sufficient time for the e-juice to evaporate will result in a poor vaping session. Plus, you will also avoid accidentally ingesting the e-liquid itself, which is incredibly important to not do!

Tip #6: Inhale from the vape

Various vape users will note that they have their own preferences for actually inhaling. It all comes down to what is favored; you’ll have to vape a few times to find your sweet spot. Generally speaking, however, three to seven draws on the vaporizer prior to holding the vapor in your mouth is recommended.

Once this motion is completed, a user can then exhale directly or inhale the vapor into their lungs. Just note that vapor takes a bit longer to get absorbed by the lungs. Wait about thirty seconds to allow the hit to effectively take hold.

Tip #7: Try different types of inhaling

Before you figure out your own style of inhalation, try one of these two types first. Mouth-to-lung is similar to actual smoking, where the user slowly draws the vapor in the mouth. Before exhaling, they will “breathe” the vapor into their lungs by opening their mouth.

Direct lung involves a user quickly drawing the vapor directly into their lungs, and exhaling almost immediately. It will take some time to get familiar with, but, soon enough, you’ll have your own, unique style of vaping!


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