Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Get Implants

Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Get Implants

If you are missing teeth or have bad teeth and think that you’d like to get dental implants done, you may want to make sure that you can qualify for them first. Implants aren’t the answer for everyone, unfortunately. Whether the reasons are something that you can help or not, you should know ahead of time, what you must do to make changes now, if you want implants later.

1. Your insurance won’t cover

If your insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic dentistry, then you will need to sock away the money yourself. Implants are expensive and will cost, on average, $1500 per tooth. They are, by far, the best option for replacing teeth and if you can find a way to get the funds, they will be as close to your natural teeth as any other option. You can find more info at the Dental implants 123 website.

2. You have an illness that prevents you from healing properly

Someone who is currently undergoing treatment for another condition, such as cancer (especially bone cancer) is not a good candidate for getting implants. The risk of infection to you would be far too great. That said, once you are treated and you have the go ahead from your attending physician, you will be able to get implants done later. Your best bet is to work hard on taking care of yourself and get well. The implants will get done when you’re feeling 100% again.

3. You cannot afford them

Some insurance policies will not pay for implants, no matter why you need them (sometimes they are not considered purely cosmetic). If you are unable to get them due to this reason, you still have options. Consider using an HSA (Health Spending Account) if your employer offers you this option. In this way, you can have a little taken out of each paycheck and placed into an account that can be used for any medical or health expenditure, including teeth. Usually the money is taken on a pre-tax basis, which also gives you additional benefits financially. This would allow you to get your teeth fixed, even if your insurance doesn’t cover it. You also have the option of changing to a different insurance provider, if you want to shop around for better dental insurance packages.

4. You have bone disease

Some people have brittle bone disease, or health-related issues that affect their body’s ability to heal bone. If you have one of these health issues, seek treatment from your doctor to try to help make you a better candidate. Speak to your dentist in greater detail to see if there are other options for you. You may need bone grafts to heal your jaw correctly and this is not always a viable option for everyone. If the bone around the tooth socket is degraded too much, implants may not be in the cards for you. Speaking to your dentist and your general healthcare provider is a good place to start and get the answers that you’ll need to have a plan of action toward your goal of getting dental implants done.

5. You are diabetic

If you are diabetic, the risk of infection is far greater from surgical procedures and it may not be advisable to have dental implants attempted unless your blood sugar is very much under control. With newer medications that are on the market, getting your sugar to a normal range is very possible and should be a priority for you to extend your life without complications of diabetes. Again, creating a plan of action with your doctor, and trying better medications, may be a path toward being able to get those implants that you are seeking.

Always speak to your dentist in detail so that you know and understand the entire process and you’ll stand a much better chance of getting your smile back, better than it was before.


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