6 Most Famous Thieves in History

6 Most Famous Thieves in History

Almost all of the people in the world have already heard of a famous international jewel thief network called “Pink Panthers” from the Balkans, whose members usually come from Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, and Croatia. The legendary group of professional diamond robbers has been dominating the scene for the past ten years. The jewelry owners around the world are completely terrified by them, as there are no elite places in this world that this team has not damaged for billions of dollars. But, they are not the only ones worth mentioning when it comes to most famous thieves in history. While you read this text, make sure to check out all of your locks, or call a locksmith if you are not sure whether you are protected enough, as we are going to bring you the names of some of the most famous thieves in history. Being a thief is not as easy as you think. It should not surprise you that, among these names, there are some incredibly intelligent people who planned all the single details regarding their thefts. In most of the cases, they ended up stealing enormous amounts of money and other valuable goods, but they could not enjoy it fully, as they would usually get caught by the police. Let’s learn something more about them.

  1. Doris Payne

Well, if you expected only males on the list, the name of Doris Payne is here to prove you wrong. Payne is one of the most famous thieves in history, as she spent almost five decades in professional thefts, targeting high-end jewelry stores and boutiques.

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  1. Derek “Bertie” Smalls

Smalls definitely started with a small theft that he committed when he was only 15 years old, but eventually ended up robbing British bank of over £230,000, which was definitely a record at the time. Not long after that, he was caught by the British police.

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  1. Carl Gugasian

Carl Gugasian is one of the most famous thieves in history, as he supposedly robbed more than $2 million in his “career”. He was most famous for very organized series of car thefts, but banks were also his targets in most of the cases. He would usually “work” on Friday nights, being the reason why he was known as Friday Night Robber.

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  1. Frank William Abagnale Jr.

If you watched the movie “Catch me if you can”, you definitely know about Frank William Abagnale Jr., one of the most famous thieves in history, known for his successful impersonations of an airline pilot, a doctor, lawyer and prison officer.

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  1. Albert Spaggiari

Albert Spaggiari gained his reputation as one of the most famous thieves in history for his famous robbing of a Société Générale vault in France. He planned every single detail for this robbery, as he formed an eight-meter-long tunnel underground, taking more than 60 million francs.

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  1. Jesse Woodson James

James was one of the most famous thieves in the 19th century America, and he was responsible for numerous bank robberies at the time. He is famous for his great intelligence, but besides being a robber, he was also a murderer, as he apparently killed some of his gang members due to certain inconveniences.

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