6 Steps to Become a Great Dental Assistant

6 Steps to Become a Great Dental Assistant

How can you get a reputation for being an excellent dental assistant? What are the things that dentists look for when they think about who they should promote or offer a raise. The key thing is to become essential to the dentist’s operation. This can be a lot of fun and very rewarding as you will be cementing yourself as part of the practice while enriching your own skills and abilities.

1. Take control

It can be very easy to assume that as a dental assistant you should just sit back and follow the lead of the dentist. Proactive dental assistants get noticed and are very much appreciated by those that they work with. By anticipating the needs of the dentist and acting accordingly you can make a name for yourself as the best dental assistant in town.

2. Have a career plan

This can be great motivation for you to always give 110% as you go about your dental assistant activities. You should even feel free to discuss your career goals with your manager so that they are aware of what you hope to achieve in the next 5, 10 and 20 years. You should think carefully about exactly what it is that you plan to do and how you can realistically achieve it over time. Remember, the time is going to pass anyway so you need to be sure that you do things the right way. Start by taking dental assistant continuing education courses to ensure your skills stay polished.

You should be thinking along the lines of additional education and qualifications that you need to take to advance your career to a point that you will be happy with. This can lead to some truly great opportunities in the future.

3. Get your priorities straight

If further education is something that you are interested in then you will probably need to set aside some money to pay for it. This can be a bit of a challenge and should not be overlooked. You may need to work on a tight budget if you want to be able to afford the additional credentials and assessments that you need to get ahead.

4. Work as a team

You may find that all too often a work environment can become a little bit toxic and that tensions get raised over minor slights and disputes. Changing your mindset to one of collaboration can do wonders for your state of mind and overall happiness. Respond to challenges with patience and diplomacy and resolve any issues with your co-workers quickly to ensure that you earn a reputation as the peacemaker in the office and not someone who starts trouble. That being said, you should not be afraid of confrontation.

5. Work on your communication skills

As a dental assistant, you will need to communicate well with coworkers, dentists and patients from all walks of life. You are lucky that you are in the perfect role where you will speak with a huge variety of people. After all, everyone needs the dentist. This will allow you to hone your communication skills and get ready to talk to anyone who walks through the door.

6. Don’t miss opportunities

If there is a chance for a promotion or pay raise don’t be shy about putting yourself forward for the position. You should feel ready to take on any additional responsibility that is available and show that you are committed to being the very best dental assistant there is. With a lot of patience and some careful thought, you will be able to make huge strides in your career and enjoy a great deal of advancements as each year passes.


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