7 Fun Summer Activities for Toddlers

7 Fun Summer Activities for Toddlers

Playtime is essential in a child’s development. For fun activities that will keep your kids entertained, there are a few must-have items you will need. These include balloons, washable paints, crayons and printing paper, among others.

There are many summer fun activities for toddlers. The ones listed here will keep your kids entertained, especially during summer when you can allow them to venture a little further outdoors. Below are seven fun summer activities for toddlers to participate in:

1. Homemade Bubbles

It is almost impossible to come across a kid who does not love bubbles. They are a great outdoor activity for kids. They take the fun to a whole new level, especially during the summer holidays. You may decide to buy the bubble solution from the store; but what fun is that? Get the kids to mix their own from home, and you can be sure they will have fun doing that too.

You will also need to have some DIY wands made from straws, wire hangers, or pipe cleaners. When all is set, get the kids to run around with the wand, leaving behind a trail of bubbles. You can also make monster-sized bubbles by using a hula-hoop.

2. Wash and Dry

Kids love playing with, and in, water. However, most of the time, parents discourage them from this obviously fun activity fearing they might catch a cold from all that cold water. This is, however, not a major worry during the summer since it’s hot anyway. It’s a perfect time for toddlers to cool off.

Pour some water into a bucket and add a few drops of tear-free suds, then, using sponges, let the kids clean their tricycles, rides, scooters and bikes. After they are done with the washing, help them rinse off their fleet by turning on the hose. Once they are cleaned up, let them dry them using rags.

3. Playing in a Sandbox

If you do not feel like taking your toddler to the beach to enjoy playing in the sand and water, you might as well bring the sand to your backyard. All you need is to invest in an attractively designed sandbox and then fill it with sand.

Sandboxes are fun summer activities for toddlers. The sand offers endless opportunities for fun since it can take many different forms, making it an excellent way for your kid to have some unstructured playtime. Since the sandbox has space for only a few toys, the kids get to improve on their social skills such as sharing and communicating.

4. Water Balloons

You can never go wrong with water when it comes to creating fun activities for your kids.  For this activity, you will need to fill some balloons with water and, using a permanent marker, draw some angry bird faces on them. You will also need some washable crayons, with which your kids can scribble on a wall or pavement.

When all is done, it is time to crank up the fun. Let your kids pick up the water balloons and aim to hit the scribbling. After each throw, pretend to whistle and announce a clean-up time to make sure no water balloon pieces are left on the ground.

5. Scavenger Hunt Printable

Scavenger hunts are interactive summer activities for toddlers to enjoy nature. The game can be played indoor or outdoor. However, during summer, an outdoor scavenger hunt is ideal.

To create a scavenger hunt printable, start by making a list of things your kids can collect from the back yard. Once you are ready, get the kids to find everything on the list. This is an exciting game that boosts a child’s curiosity as they go hunting for the different items in your backyard. These summer activities will teach your children skills and have fun at the same time.

6. Pretend BBQ

Summer is a perfect time for outdoor activities. This is the time to be adventurous by venturing out of your house and into the woods (read ‘yard’). You can prepare a BBQ in your backyard.

To pull this off, get the kids a cute BBQ set on which they could pretend-grill as the actual food is cooking. The set comes with assortments of play ‘food’ that make it a more realistic game. It is also an excellent way for your kids to improve their hand and eye coordination.

7. Painting

A painting kit is a must-have with your summer activities for toddlers. Painting is highly enjoyable, and the kids are bound to love it, regardless of their age. Kids regale in being little artists. This is, perhaps, why they enjoy drawing or scribbling on the walls of your house.

Setting up an outdoor painting station is an excellent way for your kids to have fun without messing up the house. Get some washable paints for them to use, so it is easy to clean if it got on their clothes.


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