8 Best Drinks for High Blood Pressure Reduction

8 Best Drinks for High Blood Pressure Reduction

High blood pressure is a common condition across the globe. It can place a lot of strain on your heart and blood vessels, which can result in a heart attack or a stroke. If not treated, it can be detrimental to your health, thickening your blood vessels and forming blood clots in your arteries. Blood pressure can be caused by many factors such as overeating salt, not eating enough vegetables and fruits, and not being active.

You should invest in a blood pressure device for home use that can help you monitor your rate daily. If you find that your blood pressure is over the standard rate, you should visit your doctor. You can also try to maintain a healthy weight, stay active and cut down on caffeine.

Apart from the standard activities, you can try to manage your high blood pressure with certain healthy drinks. There is a range of tasty beverages and some maybe not so delicious that you can drink to get your blood pressure readings in the right direction. Whether tasty or not, specific drinks can lower blood pressure and strengthen your heart.

Here are some of the best drinks for high blood pressure reduction:

1. Water

Water is a simple drink, but yet a powerful one to treat all ailments. Eight glasses of water a day is recommended. Drinking water regularly can reduce your blood pressure in a short time. If you are not a regular water drinker, then try to buy a beautiful hydro flask or stylish bottle that you can transport while getting to work or when out during the day.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Medical literature has revealed that apple cider vinegar can help control cholesterol and high blood pressure. Apple cider vinegar is a popular home remedy for many ailments, including lowering blood pressure. It is known to be an inexpensive cure. Add two or three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with a little honey and warm water and drink it daily.

3. Fresh Lemon Juice

There is no denying that lemon juice is a favorite refreshing drink that can keep you cool during summer months. This drink can serve a health purpose as well. Lemon is known to be the best remedy for hypertension as it makes the blood vessels soft and flexible, which in turn lowers blood pressure. Lemon juice is a tasty drink that can easily be added to your daily routine, and you’ll get its benefit as one of the best drinks for high blood pressure reduction.

4. Hibiscus Tea

Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, hibiscus tea consumed daily can aid in lowering your blood pressure. This is because it contains plant-based chemical compounds that are good for human health. You can easily add this drink to your daily routine and even replace it with your cup of coffee. Research shows that 3 cups per day can help in reducing blood pressure. You will experience results within six weeks of drinking hibiscus tea daily.

5. Beet Juice

Drinking beetroot juice may not be enticing, but it can work wonders for your blood pressure. Scientific studies show that beetroot has significantly lowered blood pressure levels and makes the blood vessels more flexible. With just one or two cups per day, the juice will help to substantially regulate your blood pressure, while promoting optimal blood circulation. It will relax muscle tissues and facilitate your blood flow. If drinking plain beetroot juice is not tasty at all, try making it a smoothie.

6. Milk

You will be surprised to know that milk is one of the best drinks for blood pressure regulation. Research indicates that high blood pressure can be linked to calcium deficiency. Drinking milk contributes to your calcium level, which will reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure. Of course, there are a variety of milk types available in your stores. Always opt for the milk that is higher in calcium and lower in fat.

7. Pomegranate Juice

An all-time favorite, the pomegranate juice is irresistible. The fruit itself offers a number of health benefits. This is one of the tasty and sweet drinks that you can add to your health regime. Its potassium, folic acid and sodium content work to effectively control your blood pressure. The pomegranate juice is a recommended drink to lower blood pressure and maintain healthy blood circulation. You can even add some sparkling water to make it a refreshing drink.

8. Cranberry Juice

The cranberry juice is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Daily consumption of low-calories cranberry juice can help to reduce your blood pressure as well as blood vessel damage. Cranberry juice is one of the tastier beverages, making it easier to add to your daily routine. Research shows that within eight weeks of drinking cranberry juice, blood pressure drops to an average level, and your blood vessels are dilated to reduce future chances of high blood pressure.


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