10 Popular Types of Camping for This Summer

10 Popular Types of Camping for This Summer

Are you thinking of going camping anytime soon? There are many different types or ways of camping to choose from. It all depends on personal taste and preference. Whatever type of camping trip you settle on, be mentally and physically prepared before taking the trip.

The following are ten of the most popular types of camping:

1. Adventure Camping

This type of camping is for the professional or serious campers. There are two main aspects to it; night and day. In this type of camping, you hike or travel during the day. In the process, you get to see wildlife, explore new areas, and thoroughly enjoy the beauty of nature. At night, you can set camp and rest. The main aim of adventure camping is for the camper to enjoy the wild.

2. Dry Camping

Dry Camping is sometimes referred to as either boondocking or wild camping. Dry camping allows one to use their recreational vehicle (RV) in a free and fun way. One of the distinct characteristics of dry camping is the fact that you do not have access to basic amenities such as water and electricity.

These types of camping can be difficult for some people because it takes one away from their comfort zone. Dry camping requires you to be ready to use anything you can find at your camp location to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The most important thing to do is to prepare for the challenge, both mentally and physically.

3. Backpacking

This is considered one of the most extreme forms of camping. Backpacking is an independent form of travelling where one hikes through a variety of ecosystems. Shoes are considered the most essential gear since most of the time is spent hiking.

If you are planning to go on a backpacking camping trip, make sure your shoe is both comfortable and supportive. Backpackers usually carry enough supplies to last them a couple of weeks in the wild.

4. Ultra-light Backpacking

This style of camping falls under the category of backpacking. Ultra-light backpacking focuses on eliminating luggage or weight as much as possible. Backpackers usually carry just what they need. To facilitate easy movement, your backpack should weigh between 12 and 28 pounds.

Ultra-light backpacking is mostly about the camper’s mindset. It requires one to believe in their ability to survive in the wild without the usual everyday luxuries.

5. Bicycle Camping

Bicycle camping is a rapidly rising fad. Some people love the idea of moving around and exploring their destinations on a bicycle while others do it for convenience. When bicycle camping, you are allowed to camp in a hotel or a hostel, which basically means you are free to go wherever you please.

The good thing about bicycle camping is the fact that it does not tie you down to one destination or mileage. The economic benefits for these types of camping are quite appealing.

6. Canoe Camping

Canoe camping is a combination of long-distance travel, canoeing and, of course, camping. This type of camping involves the use of kayaks and canoes. Just like backpackers, canoe campers are required to carry enough supplies to last the duration of the camp.

If you are the type who loves water sports, spending time in water and nature, canoe camping is perfect. North America is a popular destination for canoe camping.

7. Overlanding

This type of camping can be described as an independent adventure where one travels to destinations that are considered remote. When it comes to overlanding, the journey is the adventure. This style of camping involves the use of mechanized transportation, such as trucks and bicycles. For overland camping, the tour can last months or years. This is the type of camping where you get to crisscross international boundaries.

8. RV Camping

RV camping allows one to enjoy the thrill of exciting outdoor destinations and nature. Recreational vehicles are usually equipped with almost all the amenities you have in your home. These include entertainment and a comfortable bed. The good thing about a recreational vehicle is it can allow you to carry some of your favourite toys, such as motorcycles. Whenever you are camping in a RV trailer, all you need is a suitable RV park that allows docking.

9. Survivalist Camping

This type of camping requires you to learn or acquire skills that will help you survive different outdoor situations. Some of the skills you will need to learn are hunting, pioneering, and using emergency medical treatments. With these skills, you can comfortably survive in the wilderness.

10. Winter Camping

Winter camping allows one to enjoy the beauty and serenity of pristine winter wonderland. One of the benefits of winter camping is that you do not encounter crowds or bugs. You can combine winter camping with activities such as snowboarding or backcountry skiing to make it even more exciting. Remember that the most critical thing when winter camping is to stay warm.


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